CRUSADER SKILLS – The Crusader is a well balanced hero with divine delusions of grandeur. He’s capable in melee combat, good with equipment, and has some decent offensive and defensive skills. The Crusader is a great class to learn to play 100 Rogues with.

Searing Blade – Fires a magical sword which deals some damage and Softens (reduces ARMOR) any targets it hits. Line your opponents up to maximize the effectiveness of the spell.

Weapon Focus – By learning Weapon Focus, your Crusader can begin to improve his skills with weaponry. If you have Weapon Focus, stick with one weapon for awhile and you’ll get messages like “You’re more comfortable with your Dagger!”

Heavy Armaments – Allows your hero to wield & wear the most powerful items in the game – these include the two-handed Axe, the massive Tower Shield, and shiny Plate armor.

Whack of Glory – Whack of Glory summons a magical hammer and lands a slammin’ blow to an adjacent enemy, dealing damage and knocking the enemy back a few tiles. However, if the enemy cannot be knocked back (i.e. there’s a wall, chest, or enemy behind him), then he will receive massive bonus damage, instead.

Martyrin’ – This is an enchantment spell which causes incoming ranged attacks to have a chance to be reflected, and also causes nearby monsters to have a chance to be Humbled. Humbled monsters forget about their seething hatred for the Crusader for awhile, and go on about their merry business.

Holy Fires – The four surrounding tiles will go up in divine flame, dealing damage. This spell is more effective, the more targets it hits.

Faith – If the Crusader has Faith, then there is a chance that God himself will come down and help the Crusader from time to time.

Healing – Allows the Crusader to heal himself. One interesting facet of “Healing” is the ability to over-heal yourself – meaning, if you cast it at full HP, you will go over the max. However, the over-healing is very inefficient until the later levels of the skill.

Strength (STR) Up – Gives the Crusader’s Strength rating (which determines attack damage) a boost.

Magic Energy Up
Health (HP) Up – Gives the Crusader a few more maximum Health points.

WIZARD SKILLS – The Wizard, unlike the Crusader, is not a well balanced character. She has very strong Crystal Magic powers, but is physically rather weak. Try to stay out of melee fights with the Wizard.

Amefyst – Amefyst is the only big damage dealing, ranged spell in the game. It’s wonderful for taking down bosses or large armored targets. An invaluable spell.

Aura Siphon – For those wizards who wish to engage in melee combat (despite our warnings), Aura Siphon will give you some mana back any time you perform a kill with a melee weapon.

Magic Crystals – This is the most powerful player skill in 100 Rogues. It lands nine (9) massive crystals on a 3×3 area, demolishing any unfortunate creatures in the area. Also has a chance to drop red crystals which deal even more damage. Great for crowds of monsters, or bosses.

Teleport – A super-useful evasive skill which can get the Wizard out of nearly any jam, so long as she has the mana. Instantly teleports her to any spot within a three tile radius of her current position.

Fairy Blessing – Essentially, an “extra life”. Allows the Wizard to come back to life with full mana and HP when killed, but just once.

Purify – The Wizard’s healing spell heals her for a small amount per turn over many turns. The upside of the spell however, is that it removes all debuffs (like Soften, Poison or Acid).

Confuse – Confuses a monster, leaving them bewildered and unsure of what to do. Often, they’ll be so confused, that they’ll begin attacking other monsters!

Crystal Ball – Summons the Wizard’s only friend, the Crystal Ball. This Ball has lots of armor and enjoys bludgeoning monsters. Swapping places with the Ball can be a major life-saver.

Magic Energy Up
Energy Up – Increase the Wizard’s Energy Points (EP), giving her more mana and increasing the effectiveness of some of her skills.