Design-A-Monster Contest Launches Today

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The 100 Rogues Design-A-Monster Contest launched today.  This gives you guys, our awesome fans, a chance to show your creativity, have fun, and get your name in a published video game.  I know you all have really great ideas, and what’s nice about the 100 Rogues universe is that it’s tremendously flexible.  A cardboard box, a businessman, an alien – whatever you have in mind, we could make it work.

You can get details on how to participate HERE.  I look forward to seeing your submissions!

June 2 Update

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We’ve been chugging along, adding more content and smoothing out the rough edges, every day.  I just thought I’d fill you in a little bit on what’s in store for you in the coming weeks:

  • A new monster will be the very next patch.  He’s called “Gingerbread”, and he’ll attempt to run away from you.  If you catch and kill him, he’ll drop tasty food.  This should help a little with food concerns.
  • Several new items are being added.  The mighty “War Hammer” is a two-handed weapon that requires Heavy Armaments like the Axe.  It deals less damage than the Axe, but has a  chance to knock enemies backward when it hits.  Another item is the Rejuvenation Potion which fills both HP and EP.   Yet another is a rare, unique magical weapon called the Quad-Bone, which has some very neat magical effects.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, though;  there are many, many new crazy items on the way, and soon.
  • Blake has been working on some new monsters.  One is for the Dungeon, called “Flour”.  Flour heals nearby enemies by throwing his magic, sparkling flour on them.  He looks great, wait till you see him!
  • New challenges are in the works, too.  Perhaps there will be another prize at the end of this series of challenges, although expect these to be dastardly.
  • Some noticeable balance changes are incoming for 1.04 – Magic Crystals will get a significant nerf, and Healing’s over-healing ability also is less effective, among other things.

Anyway, in short, we’ve been working really hard, and we hope you’re all having a good time with 100 Rogues.  Please keep in touch with us and let us know if we can help you with anything!

An Exciting End to the Week

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We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that Apple has added 100 Rogues by to the App Store’s “New & Noteworthy” area. It is very rewarding to be recognized in this way.
In other developments, we’ve again been busy trying to sort out and fix significant, frustrating bugs that remain in the game. We pushed a 1.02 revision to Apple which will probably be available shortly. We admit that certain issues are not even close to being resolved. We’ll be back over our grindstone on it next week.


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The game has been released to lots of praise!  TouchArcade wrote possibly the best review we’ve ever read for any game, ever. Comments on various forums have been overwhelmingly positive. Many of you seem to understand that we have a vision for this game, and that we really care about player experience.  We intend to support and develop this game for the long haul, and we expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by future updates.

On the downside, the game’s initial version had a crashing problem that sneaked into the final build.  Apologies for that, but version 1.01 is now live (within 3 days of initial release!) and should improve game stability vastly.

Finally, there is a 100 Rogues Remix Contest going on over at OCRemix.  If you’re a musician, give it a shot!

See you on the boards!

The Pixel Art of Blake Reynolds

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Our lead artist, Blake Reynolds, has bestowed upon this game not only some of its great music (like the Dungeon theme, the intro & ending cutscene music, and a few others), but he has changed our game from looking like an independent developer’s pet project into looking like a AAA 2D title. 

WHACK-of-glory Illustration

Check out his post at Pixel Junkie to see some of the amazing work he has done.

Also, we’re submitting to Apple today!  You could be Going and Killing Satan within 24 hours!
Thanks to all who helped us out on this incredible 18 month journey.

100 Rogues Soundtrack released & reviewed

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Soundtrack ArtThe 100 Rogues Official Soundtrack has been released for free!  Download it here!
And our first review is in!
“The 100 Rogues soundtrack is not only a great free collection of music, its a great walk down memory lane and a must have for any synth composed music fan.”

Full review here.

Awaiting Approval

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We’re all chomping at the bit waiting for approval from Apple on 100 Rogues. We sent them a file on February 26th and so far have only gotten one phone call about it. We hope to hear today, especially since we’ve made some terrific user interface adjustments, and we’d like to push a revision to Apple moments after their approval. (OK, well after the requisite amount of whoops and cheering!)

What Is 100 Rogues?

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Hi everyone! My name is Keith Burgun and I’m lead designer on 100 Rogues, the arcade-style dungeon crawling adventure coming soon for the iPhone. It’s been a ton of fun creating this game over the past year, and we hope it will be clear to you just how special this game is – there’s really nothing like it out there on the iPhone, or anywhere else, really!

Stay tuned here for updates, screenshots, movies and more!