2.0 Developer Spotlight: Flour!

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We’ve already gone on in several posts about the wealth of changes and improvements for 100 Rogues.  Today we’d like to go into detail about one monster in particular – Flour!

Pictured: Magical Flour, in a less magical Sack.

In open combat, the Flour Sack is a pushover: it has no damaging attacks and relatively few hit points compared to other monsters in Hell. Its main purpose is to act as healing and support for other monsters in nearby mobs, which makes it a challenging target for players to prioritize.

To accommodate many of the new abilities that monsters have, we recently added a basic implementation of Utility Theory that allows monsters to decide what abilities to execute or where to move. Previously, monsters simply attempted to use whatever ability worked, executing the first on they found that could execute at all, and defaulting to movement if none could be found.

The Flour Sack is the first monster to make full use of Utility, as it needs to understand the overall ‘goodness’ of an action and the need to consider whether a support action like healing or debuffing should be used instead of a defensive action like running away (and, if so, it must decide which support action should be used). By tweaking some numbers in some code that calculates the utility of his support actions, the Flour Sack can be made more or less self-sacrificing for the good of those around him.

Another great thing about utility theory is that it functions independent of context within our system, specifically the context of ‘Player’ and ‘Monster’ teams. What this means in game terms is that Flour acts as effectively in a support role no matter which team he’s on; if the Fairy were to confuse a Flour, he would automatically begin healing the player and debuffing nearby monsters for her. The same goes for a confused Vandella that in turn confuses a flour. Similarly, a Bully that misfires and hits a Flour may quickly find himself with a negative armor rating.

This is why I think Hell monsters are the most interesting and challenging monsters that have been included in the game so far; the monsters are dangerous alone and devastating in a team, but not nearly as much so as when you’ve got them working for you.

"Who is the Darhm PmhphMMHM...?" (Townsperson silenced for questioning the Council)

Finally, we’ll leave you with this mysterious image of the new Dungeon boss.

Aerial photographers have bravely entered the Bandit Hole of Mine Town to explore its many secrets from above, against all sense of self-preservation (and, frankly, logic). One such brave soul has posthumously given us this photo of a single, rogue, lone, rogue rogue, facing an unspeakable evil.

The photographer’s body was returned by the pictured Crusader. Due to what appeared to be electrical damage, this was the only photo able to be retrieved from his camera. What’s more, it appears that the exact frame of the Dungeon’s evil master was blackened out (again, against all logic).

When asked what he saw in that room, the Crusader responded “It was… hrmm. There were all these huge gold buttons, right? And then he appeared. He was this, umm.. well, he was bluish, I think. You know, it’s really really dark down there. But he was big, that’s for sure. So big! And I would have murdered him, and kept murdering him, but… well… you know, the photographer and all. It was my job as a Crusader to bring back his body. But I’ll go back and murder him soon!”

Who could it be?  Who’s behind all the hordes of undead?!  Where did they get those robes!? What madness IS this?!

Halloween Pumpkins!

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Crusader by Blake Reynolds

Crusader by Blake Reynolds

Here are images of a couple pumpkins that people made (that’s right, people MADE these pumpkins, from scratch!) in honor of 100 Rogues! 

The first one is by our own Blake Reynolds

The second pumpkin was carved by Jennifer Brent (who also provided the voices for our Succubus & Vandella monsters, whom you will come to know… IN HELL!)

Fairy Wizard by Jen Brent

Fairy Wizard by Jen Brent


100 Rogues – Six Month Anniversary!!!

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Hi everyone,

100 Rogues was released on May 4th, 2010. We are having a one-day sale to celebrate. this is the first time the game has been on sale in its lifetime. We aren’t really promoting this at all. We just hope it is a happy surprise for people today.

Within about a week we expect that Apple will approve our new 2.0 version , complete with new levels, monsters and a new boss battle (and elimination of some pesky bugs). It will be a free upgrade for everyone who has purchased the game to-date.

Thanks to so many of you for your comments, support and constructive criticism over the last six months. We have learned a lot, and the game has evolved a great deal since its first release.


The 100 Rogues Team

P.S. Yes, there will be another one day sale of the game sometime after Version 2.0 is released. Feel free to email us if you want to be notified prior to that date.

100 Rogues – Version 2.0 Formal Announcement!

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Version 2.0 of 100 Rogues is coming sometime next week (as soon as Apple approves it).  The most significant addition to the game is the third world, “Hell”, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s the full list of improvements, as listed by Mr. Wes Paugh, our lead software engineer:

* Hell! Another world, with new levels, music, monsters and maps to explore, has been added to the end of the game, appropriately situated between the Dungeon and Satan.
* New Boss: A new, Dungeon-themed boss has been placed between the Dungeon and the new Hell world
* Crystal Caltrops: The Fairy Wizard’s basic projectile skill now leaves behind Crystal Caltrops upon impact, each lasting 10 turns dealing damage and slowing monsters that walk on them. Each skill point in Amafyst creates a higher number of damaging crystals.
* New Dungeon monsters – The Necromancer summons skeletons, the Zombie throws poisoned meat chunks and the Jaundice Baby EXPLODES!
* Easy Mode now spans all three game worlds

* New effects by Sir Blake Reynolds!
* Game Center can now be disabled via 100 Rogues user preferences in the Settings App
* Tutorial messages added (Tutorials can be disabled via in the game Menu)

New Balance Features:

* Total rebalancing of the game – You now should be getting about one character level per dungeon level, keeping it nice and clean that way.  Everything from item drops, shop costs, experience yields has been tweaked.
* Map Generation: Each map is now comprised of a mix of handcrafted and randomly generated rooms
* Mob Clustering: Monsters now spawn more tightly in groups, and only spawn in mobs within rooms, increasing the chances of mob vs. player interactions
*Respawning: Only monsters designated by the designer as being appropriate for one-on-one encounters can spawn in hallways or respawn over time.

UI Changes:
* End of game Score Tally Screen cleaned up
* Challenge Mode menu revamped with more information about challenges

Bug Fixes:
* Stability improvements throughout the game
* Monsters from previous levels are no longer reloaded into the game (often appearing stuck in walls)

* Starting stats / inventory adjusted for both classes
* Whack of Glory now has a chance to miss
* Ghost-type monsters now have fast health regen, low armor, and NEGATIVE magic resistance (meaning they take 3x damage from spells)
* Many new tips for loading screen
So there you have it!  100 Rogues Version 2.0 is in many ways, the game we always wanted 100 Rogues to be!  We’re proud to share it with you and we anxiously await your responses on our forum!

100 Rogues 2.0 – THE HYPE!

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This blog post will tell you all about the MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS to 100 Rogues for the upcoming free patch, version 2.0.  Not that it NEEDS improvement since clearly it is already a game that Bioshock creator Ken Levine likes. [kotaku].

Sometime in the next day or so, we plan to push the COLOSSAL, LEGENDARY, and FANTASTIC new version of 100 Rogues. New monsters, a kick-ass new boss designed by Sir Blake Reynolds, new music, new sounds, new new new!  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Crusader has a new “wig” item that he can plop down on top of his helmet to keep it warm for ice levels!  There isn’t a “wig” OR ice levels, but seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if there were!

But BETTER is even BETTER than new, and that’s the new thing that’s better AND new about 100 Rogues – just how much better it is!

Systems have been tweaked, fixed, changed – rules have been savagely broken and then tossed down the chimney in an unceremonious fashion.

Basically, playing 100 Rogues now feels like a cool mist blowing over you on a hot summer afternoon, with a famous French painter serving you grape spritzers .  Mmmm, Cézanne, you make a mean grape spritzer.

Just so you know we’re not kidding, here’s a PHOTOGRAPH of EXACTLY what went down.


In the first photo, you can see me, listening to the complaints of our players. “ALL THE PROBLEMS!!” you said, and you were RIGHT!

In the second photo, you see money being funneled from one area into another… actually… we’re pretty sure whatever’s going on there is illegal… just forget you ever saw this one.

In the third photo, we see that time someone handed me a note.  It was confiscated and read in front of the class – VERY EMBARRASSING!!!

In the fourth photo, you see all the data forms used to achieve the game’s SLAMMIN’ new balance.  Also someone’s glasses. Here’s my impression of that NERD, running around town looking for his glasses:

“HELP, HELP! Has anyone seen my glasses?” *accidentally runs right into a tree, dying instantly*

Hahaha!  Idiot!

In the fifth photo, bottom right, we see how happy you get (in the future) from playing 100 Rogues.  If there was a speech bubble there it would say “100 Rogues provided us with a free patch that increases its value vastly.  We are grateful to Dinofarm Games and Fusion Reactions for supporting their product and customers, and we will tell our friends about them.”

The sixth photo was a photograph of boxing champion Buster Douglas, but it got cut off.

More real, hard facts about this version coming soon.  It’ll be in your hands in a week or two!  Lots of fun stuff planned.  We’ll keep you posted.

You complained, and we listened!

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First order of business:  we’re releasing a quick hotfix (version 1.09) to remove the ads from 100 Rogues tonight.  This change will be permanent.

Now, we also have tons and tons of great surprises for version 2.0, which we aim to release on the 20th.  One of these surprises is a massive improvement to the fun of playing the Fairy Wizard.  I’ve always thought that the Wizard was just ever so slightly less fun to play than the Crusader, and I think I’ve identified why.  A major culprit was the one-dimensionality of Amefyst.  It just dealt damage – there wasn’t much to it, and it’s so important that the early-game spells have richness to them, because they’re the ones you use the most.

Our solution (conceived by our brilliant Master Coder Wesley Paugh) is to have Amefyst, on impact, leave Crystal Caltrops around the target.  When monsters step on these, they are immobilized for a turn, and take damage.  The ability will be balanced around attempting to cause as many monsters as possible to walk over your caltrops before they expire, to get the most out of the skill.  You, as the Wizard, can walk over these freely (since you’re flying, and a master of all things Crystal).  I really think this will make the Wizard a much more interesting class to play as.

This is just one of tons of new updates for Version 2.0, which includes an entire new world of free DLC, new mob-spawning behavior and a really slick new re-balancing of the game from the ground up.  I’ll have another post about more features, soon.

-Keith Burgun, Lead Designer @ Dinofarm Games

Meet The Locker

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Psst.  Hey you.  Yeah you, with the bucket-shaped helmet.  And you, vampire lady with the wings.  You guys got anything good on ya?

I don’t mean to pry or nothin’.  It’s just… well… what are you doin’ down here, exactly?  Wait – don’t tell me… you’ve been given a quest to go kill an evil wizard, the evil emperor, or the devil, or…  Ah, it was the devil, wasn’t it.  From the looks of ye, that probably sounded like a pretty good deal, eh?  You two weren’t exactly popular, I’m guessing.  Taking down the lord of darkness himself oughta make you a star, right?

So, here you are, adventurin’ down deeper and deeper.  I can see the eager looks on your faces;  you want that Satan-head so bad! You’ve amassed quite a little collection of items on the way… let’s see…  two Health Potions, poison darts, leather armor… not bad.  Well, I guess you – hey wait… what’s that I see glimmering on your finger, there?  Is that a… Ring of Strength +5?  Wow!

You might want to let me hold onto that.

It… it’s a bit hard to explain why.  Hmm… how do I say this?  Okay, imagine you’re a… a pumpkin.  And, so, Satan… he’s like… he’s the pumpkin-harvesting mechanized farmer-robot.  And he’s – sure, you can call him “Farm-Tron 5000”.  Anyway, let’s say you’re the pumpkin, and you’re trying to get away from the pumpkin patch, and escape to freedom.  So, you’re wiggling free of your roots, and trying to get by all the other pumpkins, and – and you’re feeling pretty good about it, right?  Like, you guys right now – I can see that you’re excited, and, you know, you have hope and all of that.  Well, but then, this pumpkin – which represents you – it can’t really outrun the high-tech tractor treads of this mechanized monster, the Farm-Tron 5000.  I mean, he’s got laser cannons, a bazaooka, a gravitron pulse beam, all SORTS of dangerous jazz, and you’re just a damn pumpkin.  I know it’s not a great analogy, but… do you get where I’m going?  You don’t, do you…

Alright.   Well, look – I know you might not understand now, but… I really think you should let me hold onto that ring.  I can hold onto it, and a few other items too if you want!  I mean… you guys look tough and everything, but you know, if somethin’ were to happen to yas, that ring would definitely be safe with me…

What’s that?  You don’t need advice from a stupid locker, you can take care of yourself?

*Sigh*… so I’ve been told.  Many, many times.

Contest Winner, 1.06, and HELL

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  • The Jani-Taur (Jay Geldhof) (49%, 68 Votes)
  • The First Rogue (Fraggle Rogue) (36%, 50 Votes)
  • The Fisher King (Fraggle Rogue) (14%, 19 Votes)

Looks like we have a winner! Jay Geldhof’s “The Jani-Taur” will be added to our game as soon as we can get to it and figure out where he belongs!  Fraggle Rogue (The French Rogue) also got a substantial amount of votes, with 36%!  Nice work, all who submitted!  We sort of want to make a game out of nothing but the submissions from this contest.

So we’ve been churning along as usual, but 1.06 is a particularly special update.  Besides the stuff you’re used to – new content such as monsters and items, we’ve actually added in a major game feature like the ones people can find at Klikk her – The Item Shop offer gambling online games like this ben-line.org.uk.  The Item Shop in 100 Rogues is run by a strange fellow named Quabbus.  He’s only found here and there, but he has an assortment of interesting items.  There are some items you can only get from Quabbus!  It’s sure to be a game-changer, and one thing I know everyone will appreciate is that while his assortment of items is random, he always has one food-type item in his inventory.  This will make it so that you have a bit more wiggle room for food.

For the past month or so, our lead artist Blake Reynolds has been tied to his computer, hand-crafting the next generation of monsters, pixel by pixel.  We’re planning on slowly unveiling some of these monsters, and today I’d like to share one with you.  This Satan’s a pretty important guy;  at least, he gets that impression, what with all you hundreds of rogues coming to kill him every day.  For this reason, he has hired his own personal protection.  I give you…  Satan’s Bodyguard!

satan's-bodyguard Attack!

As you can see, he carries a slick semi-automatic pistol.  Scary thing is, he sometimes fires twice, and sometimes three times, so you won’t always know what kind of damage you’ll be hit with next.


If Satan’s Bodyguard assess the situation as a bit too dangerous, he could call for backup.  This can get ugly as each bodyguard can summon one other bodyguard onto the scene.  If you’re not quick about dispatching them, you could find yourself the focus of a firing squad.  Bad news.

Hell is in the works right now, and version 1.06 should be in your hands in a matter of days.  We’ll keep you posted on other developments.  Meanwhile, come let us know what you think of Satan’s Bodyguard on our forums!

100 Rogues Design-A-Monster Contest: You Decide!

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Hello all!  Since we started the contest nearly two months ago, the response has been really great.  We’ve gotten entries from some young kids, all the way up to some industry professionals all sending in their wacky, fun ideas.  What’s really great is how a lot of you seem to have really picked up on the “voice” of 100 Rogues and have run with it.  So now it’s time for you to vote!  Which of these lovely creations gets to be immortalized in 100 Rogues?

You can vote for up to 3 entries.  Many of these have descriptions inside the actual graphic, for those you have to click on them (twice, due to a strangeness of our image uploader here) to really read them.  Voting is at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

First Rogue (by Fraggle Rogue)

First Rogue (by Fraggle Rogue)

Fisher King (By Fraggle Rogue)

Fisher King (By Fraggle Rogue)

Lockdown Shield (By Fraggle Rogue)

Lockdown Shield (By Fraggle Rogue)

Mad Scientist (Fraggle Rogue)

Mad Scientist (Fraggle Rogue)

OctoClockADoodleBomb (By Fraggle Rogue)

OctoClockADoodleBomb (By Fraggle Rogue)

a dog (by Katt)

A Dog (by Katt)

“Here is my first idea: A Dog!  It’s not the most unusual monster, but sometimes when you’re going on adventures you’ll have to deal with A Dog.
A Dog is always sleeping when you enter the room. If you or any monster come within four tiles of it, it will wake up and start attacking the nearest target. It will continue to attack the closest target it sees, either in the room or in the corridor.  If A Dog doesn’t see any targets, it will go back to sleep.
A Dog can be tamed by throwing food at it. If tame, it will continue to attack the nearest enemy, but it will not attack you; instead of going back to sleep it will follow you around.

Spearbill (by Katt)

Spearbill (by Katt)

“This is Spearbill, a large, flightless bird.  Spearbills travel alone or in small flocks of three to five. Adults reach a height of four to six feet.
It moves at double speed.  Because of its speed, it is difficult to hit at long range.  However, the Spearbill has a delicate build, and is easily felled with melee weapons.
When killed, it may drop a Spearbill Beak, which can be thrown to damage enemies.”

Jani-taur (Jay Geldhof)

Jani-taur (Jay Geldhof)

designs from E K

Various Designs from "E K"

“”Teddy” loves rogues. He used to be soft and cuddly, since he was made from the cheapest cotton money can buy.
He will love you, and he will never let go. Until he’s dead, of course.
On contact with the rogue, “Teddy” will paralyze the rogue; thus, the rogue will be unable to retreat from “Teddy” and co.
Because “Teddy” loves you, he won’t physically hurt you. He thinks. Maybe just an occasional whack, to keep you from struggling.”

Digger (Jesse Hoogland)

Digger (Jesse Hoogland)

Electrician's Apprentice (Jesse Hoogland)

Electrician's Apprentice (Jesse Hoogland)

Teddy Fear & Lawyer (Jesse Hoogland)

Teddy Fear & Lawyer (Jesse Hoogland)

Were Hare (Jesse Hoogland)

Were Hare (Jesse Hoogland)

Psychotic Robotic Wolf (Danny Trewin)

Psychotic Robotic Wolf (Danny Trewin)

Little Blue Devil (Jonathan Wei)

Little Blue Devil (Jonathan Wei)

Feature Creeper (By Richard Southern)

Feature Creeper (By Richard Southern)

Clock Monster (by WhoATM)

Clock_Monster (by WhoATM)

“Clockwork/Chronos/Chronus (Whichever is best).  Has the ability to either skip the player’s turn, or skip the monsters’ turn (random). Increase your aging – a temporary effect that causes you to starve faster.  Stays a safe distance from player (a support monster).  A backstab causes time to freeze for three turns.”

Dynamite (Benjamin Erik Johnson)

“In terms of game play, these Enchanted Dynamite sticks walk up to the player’s rogue and self detonate, causing magic damage in all 4 adjacent squares like a Holy Fires spell.  Killing this monster with a ranged weapon would have the same effect, though if not next to the rogue, wouldn’t damage him/her.  This dynamite monster would be beneficial for the game because it shakes up the target priority for 100 Rogues players. Not only does it benefit the player to kill the monster from afar to avoid personal damage, but also to inflict damage on other monster that may be in the area.”

For some reason I can’t get The Mummy of Death or Ted the Undead Red Head to upload here, so please click on these external links.

The Mummy of Death (John P Ruf)

Ted the Undead Red Head (Chad Bagaason)

That’s the last of them!  Thanks everyone for submitting!  Now, VOTE!  And tell your friends!

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Design Notes on 1.05

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The big additions to 1.05 are the “attack” button (so that you never mis-click with a ranged weapon again!), and the iPad version, which has a great new user interface.  But I’d like to talk for a minute about some other changes for 1.05.

iPad HUD - Work in Progress

iPad HUD (Work in Progress)

I think the most significant one is a dramatic shift in the way items are generated.  Firstly, there are now only three levels of rarity, down from five, so you will end up getting more of a variety in general.  To counter balance this, there are slightly less items overall.  Also, to fix the food issue that we were having, we’ve added a smaller food item, called “Drumstick“, which is a very common drop.   Furthermore, we’ve made some items more common in the Bandit Hole and some items more common in the Dungeon.  For instance, Platemail may be nearly impossible to find in the Bandit Hole yet common in the Dungeon, and some other items may be the opposite.  Still working out the details on this, as we speak.

Anyway, this will be a really dramatic change for the better in how 100 Rogues plays, and I hope you’re excited for it.  I believe we’re sending 1.05 in to Apple on Monday, so you should get it hopefully sometime next week.

Also, we’ve nerfed Satan big-time.  I figure, if you get that far, you should be probably be able to beat him.