100 Rogues Adds 2 New Game Modes!

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Update 2.8 went live late, late Monday night, and tucked into its folds were two brand new, never-before announced game modes: Combo and Endless. We’d like to elaborate on what these modes are, how they were dreamed up, and where they are going.

Endless Mode has been one of our longest-planned features. It’s typical of a roguelike to offer infinite replayability, usually thanks to a wealth of obscure mechanics and randomized traps and items. The ideology behind 100 Rogues’ design has, and continues to be, that difficulty should come from strategic choices with nearly deterministic outcomes. It made sense, then, to make a mode which could increasingly test these skills without bound.

Like 100 Rogues’ core game, Endless Mode will be benefitting from ongoing refinements and enhancements. Some of these enhancements will carry over from new additions to the core game (e.g. new player classes or teleport tiles), but also, Endless Mode will be receiving new art for monsters and their spawning behaviours and the endless mode map tiles, as well, to further customize the mode’s difficulty and identity.

Combo Mode is a more recent brainstorm. After receiving feedback that the core game still provides an unforgivingly inaccessible degree of difficulty to some, we began to look at other games like Mega Reel that have had similar goals. Angry Birds was, unsurprisingly, one of the first games we came across to patch in a feature to circumvent the game’s difficulty. Their Golden Eagle made for a good example of how to do it right, allowing players to play more of the game without supplanting the need for skill with the original ruleset. With this in mind, we set to make Challenge Mode a simple game to complete, start-to-finish, but a difficult one to truly claim mastery with.

The most impactful means of accomplishing this was to remove hunger from the mode and to change health regeneration to be most effective when not in combat. The strongest players will therefore be able to keep themselves in battle longer (and, in doing so, earn more points, of course!).

The very strong starting stats, lack of a hunger time limit, and fast health regeneration make it very easy to survive through Combo Mode, but the measure of success is much more than simple scoring! Instead of experience points, your score in combo mode can be used to purchase skill points, higher stats, and useful items that will help you on your way.

As an extra reward, we’ve made unlockable items available to the top-scoring Combo Mode players. By being frugal with your spending of Combo Points, you can save up to unlock three Scrolls for permanent use in the main game.

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading about 100 Rogues’ two newest modes. Please feel free to give us feedback on what you have enjoyed, what could be improved, or what you might like to see in the future with new 100 Rogues game modes. And don’t forget to post your best strategies in our forums to help the 100 Rogues community members!

Robot Fighting League Announces “Rogue-Bot” Class

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The Bandit Hole Robot Fighting League has opened its doors to the new, prototype Rogue-Bot class invented by championship designer Parker “Permadeath” Packrats. Packrats had this to say about his creation.

Rogue-Bot software is capable of fear, for the sole ability to ignore it

“Lotta people doh’know when y’got a ‘Bot that’ll kill its target, an when y’got a Bot that’s gonna kill EVERYBODY. Now that is a Bot!”

Packrats, also famous for his summer “Bombing in the Park” stage desctructions in Mine Town, claims the inspiration for the design came from the multitude of Rogues passing through the Bandit Hole. “‘Specially those fairies, with the snug little purple dresses. They were a particular inspiration for me,” said Packrats.

Indie developer and town beatnik Brandy Starshine described the Rogue-Bot development experience as “life-affirming”. After struggling to manually recreate the abilities of Packrat’s prototype herself, Starshine realized “we’ve all just got to let our Rogue-Bots go and roam free through the subterranean world. They say, when a Rogue-Bot transcends the fourth layer of Hell, its mind unfurls to the beauty of true destructive omnipotence”.

While not all designers have taken such a spiritual outlook on learning algorithms, many bot-builders have released their creations into the Bandit Hole in the hopes that they will learn to kill more effectively on their own, hopefully returning with some of Packrat’s hallmark skills, or other emergent behaviors:

Target Rocket: Returning from earlier RFL designs, Rogue-Bots can launch projectile ballistics that explode outward from the target.

Net Launcher: Compensating for a design limitation that prevents their rockets from moving more than 12 feet per second, Rogue-Bots are capable of trapping their target in place until a rocket has detonated.

Robo-Bombs: These small red bombs create a 3×3 explosive blast upon close contact with any enemy targets. Packrats claims the happy expression is owed to “a complicatered heyoooour-istic (that’s a programmin’ word fer goal) that brings happiness with the opportunity for pain”

Morph Ball: RFL enthusiasts often note that other Robot Class fights either end too quickly or get boring fast as Robots are killed or tire. Rogue-Bots can transition into a smaller state in which they can absorb damage and quickly regain energy, allowing battles to be longer and more action-packed.

The Rogue-Bots were designed as a means of pushing the limits of the sense of danger many fans cite as being key to the Robot Fighting experience. Tom Tardent, whiskey distiller and father of two, said, “We used to go to the races each week hoping to see a good crash, and maybe only saw one or two. When we heard that even spectators were getting killed in the Robot League games, well, we knew where we’d be spending our Friday nights, right kids?!”

Even with the wildly anticipated start of the new League only weeks away, there are still some safety concerns that may put the Fighting League games on hold indefinitely. Public Safety officials are addressing fears that concession stands and water fountains are in violation of public health codes, and Public Safety Senior Toxin Analyst also stated that, “Mine Town residents should be aware of the disease risk presented by Bandit Hole residents and Tourists from foreign lands. Both should be easily identifiable thanks to their fondness for ten-gallon hats. Direct contact should be avoided if at all possible.” He finished, “Really, they’re just gross.”

A Monster Class sneak preview!

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So you guys know about Monster classes, right?  We’re releasing groups of playable classes, each based on a 100 Rogues monster.  The first one is called the Tourist.  He’s got a lot of interesting moves, which we’ll detail for you later.  Today I want to talk about the second playable Monster Class to be released, the Rogue-Bot.

He’s super-cool.

That’s all I wanted to say.  Enjoy the monster classes (more info & updates coming soon!)

A few updates, and a script!

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Firstly, just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on.  Our main effort right now has been on porting the game to OSX, which is a big project.  We’re anxiously awaiting version 2.5, which has all kinds of crazy features to it.  It should be out in the next few days!

Where Monsters DwellAlso, the TEAM was interviewed by WHERE MONSTERS DWELL!  Listen HERE.

I’ve been working on an article for Gamasutra about our game, which just went live yesterday!  Hooray!

Finally, for something fun, below is a script that I wrote for a short film about 100 Rogues.

The writing is completed but I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually animate and voice the whole thing.  The idea was for the main character, “The Adventurer”, to be doing the voices of the Crusader and the Wizard as he treks through the Bandit Hole. 

I hope you all enjoy it – if anyone wants to make a movie using this script, we’d absolutely love to see it!

Interior shot of the  Rusty Scubbard Tavern

Bartender:  Evenin’ kid!  The usual I take it?

Adventurer:  Ah…  It’s been a hard day, Groggald… (takes off helmet)

A: I went down into the old Mine today.

B: YOU went into the Bandit Hole?  What for?!

A: You won’t believe it, but the highest councilman… he gave me a quest, he did!

B: Heyyy that’s great!  What was it?

A: He actually charged ME, of all people, to go Kill Satan!

B: Ahhh that’s – wait..

B: He asked *you*… to kill Satan?  *The* Satan?

A: He sure did!  Oh boy was I excited… anyway I’m sure you can guess that I didn’t get to actually get to do it, since I don’t got a big old satan head with me…

B: Oh… right, yeah.  That’s how I guessed.

Cut to Mine, with VO…

A: Ya well, this mornin’ off I go, into the mine, and I don’t get two steps in when some guy knocks me down the entire flight of steps!  I go, “Hey, watch where yer goin, buddy!”  The fella turns around and yelled something about glory, and started waving his sword around like a maniac, and then ran off.  All I could think was wow, what a  ridiculous-looking helmet.

I brushed myself off, and started moving.  Oh boy, what they said about the old Mine sure was true, that place is CRAWLIN’ with baddies!  I was holding my own against them just fine though, until I killed this one bandit, and suddenly some Fairy teleports in right behind him!

She goes, “Oh, I see.  Stealing my kills.  Who the hell are you to come down here and call me a bad Wizard?”  I told her that I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about.

She says,  “Yeah – look – I know what your quest is.  You’re on a quest to make me feel pathetic.  You just hate me that much.”  I apologized and again tried to explain that it was some kind of misunderstanding.

Then she consulted this magic crystal ball about it.  She goes, “Oh really?  Let’s ask Ball.”  and summons it.  “Ball!  Is this guy a judgmental idiot?”  she shouted, and the ball just sat there idly.  Then she says “Ha!  He just told me, telepathically, that you are a bigot!” and she left.

Adventurer: It was awful, Groggald.  Anyway, I was on a mission, so I kept moving.  I got at least a couple floors down, when I bumped into that crazy bucket helmet guy again…

I was singin’ my little adventure song and moving along, when I heard a lot of commotion from the next room.  Then I heard someone yell “GLORY!” and a monster corpse came flying at me, pinning me to the ground!

It was that Bucket head guy!  I asked him for help, and he said: “SAVING *YOU* IS NOT PART OF GOD’S PLAN!!!”

Just then a group of scary looking red Rats appeared!  I yelled “Ahh Help!  Rats!”

The bucket head guy said “Those are no ordinary rats!  Those rats are BRIMMING WITH EVIL!!!” and he dove into the battle!   It wasn’t going well for him, though.  He shouted “The Crusader can’t hold them off!  GOD, I PRAY THEE, CRUSH THESE ABOMINATIONS”

I expected something to happen when he said that, but nothing did.  Then he yelled, “”I KNOW YOU’RE WATCHING THIS, GOD!!!”

Still, nothing happened.

He got angry and yelled “DAMMIT, GOD!!” and casted Holy Flames, burning up those three rats, AND ME in the process!!
Cut back to the Rusty Scubbard

Adventurer: I’ve seen a lot in my 12 years, Groggald… and there’s one thing I gotta tell you.  Each Holy Flame fireball deals more damage, the more targets the spell hits.

Groggald: I can see that!  So I take it you got out of there while the gettin’ was good?

Adventurer: Yeah…  There was a shopkeeper down there, who gave me some potions and showed me how to get back home.  He’s really cool.

Groggald: Well, I’m glad you’re back safe.  Most who go down there never return, you know.

Adventurer: Really?  Wow…  I wonder what’ll become of the Fairy Wizard and the Human Crusader!

Groggald: *Stares off out the window*  So do I, kid.  So do I.

Happy Holidays, 100 Rogues Fans!

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Happy Holidays, 100 Rogues Fans!

Enjoy your new Scoundrel and your randomly dropped “Present” items!

100 Rogues Holiday!(Click for full-size)

Scoundrel Pixel Art Revealed!

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Being an undead female, there wasn’t much for her in Mine Town. She quickly grew numb to the effects of nights spent knifing cattle, murdering coyotes and stabbing chickens.

She longed for the piercing of thicker skin… oh, to find a creature worthy of the thrust of her blade… to close her eye-sockets and exhale passionately as she disembowels them. “That would be the best”, she thought to herself.

Pixel art by Blake Reynolds!

Rumors of great beasts and warriors alike swelled in the Town, and the Scoundrel was soon drawn to the Court of the High Council.

Killing Satan might be just the thing she needs to take her mind off of violence for awhile.

A demonic obsession with revenge now leads her to adventure in the Bandit Hole.


The Skellyman’s abilities are focused around evasion, trickery, and dealing high damage to a single target. Backstabs are a resource for the Skellyman, not only because they can heal her with Blood Bask, but also they multiply her damage with Skelly Vengenace. She’s also got two passive abilities – one which allows her to eat rotten food, and one which makes her immune to poison.

EVADE UP: Increases the Skellyman’s chance to Evade incoming attacks.
BLOOD BASK: The Skellyman relishes gore so strongly that she regians HP whenever she sheds the blood of a monster.
CRITICAL UP: Increases the Skellyman’s chance to deal critical attacks and backstabs.
SKELLY VENGEANCE: Backstabs are tallied in a special counter. When the skill is activated, you make a melee attack which deals more damage the more back stabs in the counter.
MARKSMAN: While using a ranged weapon, the Skellyman can pierce through targets, pin targets to walls, and get a bonus accuracy.
PICK-POCKET: Attempts to steal an item from an enemy.
SMOKE BOMB: Throw a smoke bomb, making it impossible for anyone to attack or be attacked while in the affected area.
LEAP ATTACK: Jump over an enemy’s head and make an attack, without passing a turn. Higher levels allow more leap attacks per turn.

The Scoundrel

The Skellyman Scoundrel

$1.99 Holiday Sale & Version 2.1!

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Hey everyone – just wanted to make a couple quick, huge announcements.

Firstly, 100 Rogues is ON SALE for the entire month of December, for $1.99! Pretty awesome!

Secondly, Version 2.1 is out on the App Store now!  It involves tons of improvements – you can listen to your own music now, as well as several new items and better balance!

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 3) – Complete!

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There it is – the beautiful Skellyman Scoundrel skill tree.  We’ve worked on this for many, many months, and we’re so happy to finally share it.  Today, we reveal the last two of the Skellyman’s abilities.

Leap Attack was one of the first abilities thought up for the Scoundrel – in fact, it was one of the first abilities thought up for the game at all.  Leap Attack allows the player to jump over an adjacent enemy’s head, and land safely on the other side.  While in mid-air, however, you deal a normal attack!  So it’s moving you out of a potentially harmful situation AND allowing you attack, both in one turn!  But wait – there’s more?  It doesn’t even cost a turn!   Like the Wizard’s Teleport spell, this spell can be cast without any time passing by.  That means that if you’ve got the mana, you could cast this spell 2 or 3 times, bouncing around the dungeon, before any monsters even realize what’s goin’ on!  That’s cool!  And also – I’m sure have have observed that adjacent enemies are almost ALWAYS facing you.  Well, cast Leap attack on them, hit them once, and then you’re in a prime position for a BACKSTAB!  Oh, man!

Did you know that the Skellyman Scoundrel was originally a normal, healthy, living and breathing member of the Skellyman race, until she was brutally murdered in her sleep by her lover?  It’s true.  Now, she travels the dungeons as an undead Skellyman pining for revenge.  With the skill Skelly Vengeance, the Scoundrel can deal massive damage to a single enemy.   Once you have the skill, any backstabs are tallied up in a special new backstab-counter.  When you cast the spell, the Skellyman pulls her lover’s dagger out from her skull, where he wickedly drove it so many years ago, and strikes it deep into the heart of whatever poor beast stands in her way.  The more backstabs in the counter, the higher the damage.  At high levels, Skelly Vengeance will deal the biggest damage numbers ever seen in 100 Rogues.  Satan, beware.

So that’s the Skellyman Scoundrel’s skills.  Please let us know what you think on the forums.  And stay tuned for more news soon!

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 2)

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Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree

Last night I discussed in detail two of the Skellyman Scoundrel‘s great abilities, and the synergy between them.  Tonight, I have not just two, but FOUR more to share with you.

Pickpocket is a close-range active ability that allows the Skellyman to deftly search an enemy’s pockets for goodies.  Different monsters carry different stuff, and some of the most dangerous monsters carry some of the most excellent treasure.  Picking pockets is tough, though, especially in a battle situation, so it’s not guaranteed to work.

Enter Evade Up!  This skill’s usefulness in all parts of the game is obvious, but its usefulness is particularly useful when you’re incurring needless attacks from trying to pickpocket everyone!  Having higher evasion, especially when coupled with the Skellyman’s starting armor, can mean the ability to survive with lower Health than normal.

Speaking of Health, the Scoundrel is 100 Rogues first class that does not have a healing spell of some sort.  Instead, she’s got a passive ability called Blood Bask.  You may not know this about the Scoundrel, but she’s a bit of a psychotic mass-murderer.  With this ability, seeing blood fly from the body of a monster actually heals the player!  Critical hits make a big splash of blood which heals for even more!

The fourth skill we’ll discuss today is Crit Up.  It’s similar to Evade Up in that it’s a passive ability that simply boosts the Skellyman’s chance to deal a critical hit.  Daggers already have a naturally high chance to crit compared with other weapons, so with this ability the Skellyman should be dishing out huge damage.

Stay tuned for Day 3 where the last two Skellyman Scoundrel skills shall be revealed!

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 1)

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Skellyman Scoundrel

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree

The Skellyman Scoundrel’s got many tricks up her sleeve.  Each of them is powerful on its own, but when combined in just the right way, it’s lethal.  Lethal enough to Go Kill Satan with, even.

One ability is called Smoke-bomb.  This active skill allows the Scoundrel to lay down a 4×4 diamond of “smoke” tiles.  Anyone caught inside the smoke – player included – takes a massive hit to their accuracy, and a massive boost to their evasion.  So, it’s harder to hit, and it’s harder to be hit, while inside the smoke.  Furthermore, monsters have a chance to become confused on each turn they spend inhaling the gases.  There are many uses for this ability – for one, it can allow you to make a clean escape from a bad situation.  Just throw it down at your feet, dodge your way past the enemies and run down the nearest hallway to safety.  Another is in conjunction with the following Skellyman ability…

Marksman. Putting a point into Marksman turns your Skellyman into a ranged weapons expert, unlocking several new passive abilities.  For one thing, your arrows will now pierce the flesh of enemies and hit enemies behind them, multiplying your damage per shot when you line enemies up.  Secondly, if you see a monster who’s near a wall, shoot him, and you’ll pin him to the wall, immobilizing him.  But there’s one more benefit to Marksman, and that’s a 50-percentage-point bonus to accuracy with bows and arrows.  You might be wondering, “50 points?  Isn’t that a bit over-kill?  Bows are already mostly accurate to begin with.”  This is how the ability is synergistic with Smoke-bomb – it allows you to fire with decent accuracy into a smokey area.  So if you’ve got Marksman and Smoke-bomb, toss a canister into a room and then just start picking off all the poor, bewildered monsters.  Oh and one last thing – Marksman works with some throwing weapons too, like throwing knives for example.

We are so excited about the Scoundrel – she’s turning out to be so much fun to play already!  Possibly because we’ve had so much time to cook her up conceptually, it’s been a very smooth process and it seems that we’re gonna get it mostly right on the first try.