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100 Rogues Ouya

It’s been a couple of slow news months for us since the Dungeoneer released, but you can believe me when I say development has only accelerated. I have been hard at work porting 100 Rogues in a cross-platform language. After just over a month recreating the core gameplay features, I am thrilled to announce that […]

Bruiser has shipped to Apple!

This very hour we have put the finishing touches on the Dinoman Bruiser player class, and shipped it off the Apple for release! For further preview, here’s the skills you’ll be able to train with the class. Power Chew: The Bruiser can eat almost anything to gain back Belly. Some items, like weapons and armor, […]

100 Trials and 100 Rogues

Last week, we release a new game called 100 Trials that borrows heavily from 100 Rogues’ design, but whose differences took a significant departure in play style. I’d like to talk about how we arrived at the decision to make this new game, and what it’s existence means for 100 Rogues. 100 Rogues has come […]

Now Announcing the White Knight!

I usually take the time to divulge some of the fiction surrounding the new monster classes as they’re rolled out, but as the White Knight releases I’d like to go over the skills a bit more plainly, divulging instead how they shape the class’ identity and the design philosophy we’ve used with the monster classes. […]

The spiritual journey of the undead

“Oh, you want dat?!? Great-grandfada find dat in a hole. Big wan. Pet squirrel almost chew through it once. For you? 600 Gold!” After days of running with little to drink and less food, his remaining hope fell to pieces. It was so close! That small, frayed book… But, he could not let himself succumb […]

Quest of the Necromeister

All light flowed from the cavern like water into a storm drain as black ran down the walls into unseen cracks in the floor. Soon, only candles on the floor and iridescent reflections off of the slick walls, reflections of seemingly nothing, could be seen. Even the resulting near-dark would confuse the unprepared, as there […]

Now available Mac OS X AppStore!

100 Rogues is now available for Apple’s desktop AppStore. Here’s a video tour, since video tours are much better at this kind of thing. Also, Runes!

100 Rogues Adds 2 New Game Modes!

Update 2.8 went live late, late Monday night, and tucked into its folds were two brand new, never-before announced game modes: Combo and Endless. We’d like to elaborate on what these modes are, how they were dreamed up, and where they are going. Endless Mode has been one of our longest-planned features. It’s typical of […]

Robot Fighting League Announces “Rogue-Bot” Class

The Bandit Hole Robot Fighting League has opened its doors to the new, prototype Rogue-Bot class invented by championship designer Parker “Permadeath” Packrats. Packrats had this to say about his creation. “Lotta people doh’know when y’got a ‘Bot that’ll kill its target, an when y’got a Bot that’s gonna kill EVERYBODY. Now that is a […]

2.0 Developer Spotlight: Flour!

We’ve already gone on in several posts about the wealth of changes and improvements for 100 Rogues.  Today we’d like to go into detail about one monster in particular – Flour! In open combat, the Flour Sack is a pushover: it has no damaging attacks and relatively few hit points compared to other monsters in […]