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Halloween Pumpkins!

Here are images of a couple pumpkins that people made (that’s right, people MADE these pumpkins, from scratch!) in honor of 100 Rogues!  The first one is by our own Blake Reynolds The second pumpkin was carved by Jennifer Brent (who also provided the voices for our Succubus & Vandella monsters, whom you will come […]

100 Rogues – Version 2.0 Formal Announcement!

Version 2.0 of 100 Rogues is coming sometime next week (as soon as Apple approves it).  The most significant addition to the game is the third world, “Hell”, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s the full list of improvements, as listed by Mr. Wes Paugh, our lead software engineer: * Hell! Another […]

100 Rogues 2.0 – THE HYPE!

This blog post will tell you all about the MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS to 100 Rogues for the upcoming free patch, version 2.0.  Not that it NEEDS improvement since clearly it is already a game that Bioshock creator Ken Levine likes. [kotaku]. Sometime in the next day or so, we plan to push the COLOSSAL, LEGENDARY, and […]

You complained, and we listened!

First order of business:  we’re releasing a quick hotfix (version 1.09) to remove the ads from 100 Rogues tonight.  This change will be permanent. Now, we also have tons and tons of great surprises for version 2.0, which we aim to release on the 20th.  One of these surprises is a massive improvement to the […]

Meet The Locker

Psst.  Hey you.  Yeah you, with the bucket-shaped helmet.  And you, vampire lady with the wings.  You guys got anything good on ya? I don’t mean to pry or nothin’.  It’s just… well… what are you doin’ down here, exactly?  Wait – don’t tell me… you’ve been given a quest to go kill an evil […]

Contest Winner, 1.06, and HELL

The Jani-Taur (Jay Geldhof) (49%, 68 Votes) The First Rogue (Fraggle Rogue) (36%, 50 Votes) The Fisher King (Fraggle Rogue) (14%, 19 Votes) Looks like we have a winner! Jay Geldhof’s “The Jani-Taur” will be added to our game as soon as we can get to it and figure out where he belongs!  Fraggle Rogue […]

100 Rogues Design-A-Monster Contest: You Decide!

Hello all!  Since we started the contest nearly two months ago, the response has been really great.  We’ve gotten entries from some young kids, all the way up to some industry professionals all sending in their wacky, fun ideas.  What’s really great is how a lot of you seem to have really picked up on […]

Design Notes on 1.05

The big additions to 1.05 are the “attack” button (so that you never mis-click with a ranged weapon again!), and the iPad version, which has a great new user interface.  But I’d like to talk for a minute about some other changes for 1.05. I think the most significant one is a dramatic shift in […]

Design-A-Monster Contest Launches Today

The 100 Rogues Design-A-Monster Contest launched today.  This gives you guys, our awesome fans, a chance to show your creativity, have fun, and get your name in a published video game.  I know you all have really great ideas, and what’s nice about the 100 Rogues universe is that it’s tremendously flexible.  A cardboard box, […]

June 2 Update

We’ve been chugging along, adding more content and smoothing out the rough edges, every day.  I just thought I’d fill you in a little bit on what’s in store for you in the coming weeks: A new monster will be the very next patch.  He’s called “Gingerbread”, and he’ll attempt to run away from you.  […]