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Bruisers in the Mist

Hello everyone!  I’m Keith Burgun, the lead designer of 100 Rogues.  When we started the initial design for the game back in late 2008-early 2009 when we used to be aticted to the fun games from https://www.thorslots.com, the original design planned for four playable classes.  As most of you know, the game launched with two, […]

Thoughts on “Rogue Mode”

Just so you guys know, just because we’re adding all this new great content recently, that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about the core game.  Personally, the feature that I hold most dear to my heart is the core game on the Rogue Mode difficulty setting.  I feel that Rogue Mode is the game 100 Rogues […]

A Monster Class sneak preview!

So you guys know about Monster classes, right?  We’re releasing groups of playable classes, each based on a 100 Rogues monster.  The first one is called the Tourist.  He’s got a lot of interesting moves, which we’ll detail for you later.  Today I want to talk about the second playable Monster Class to be released, […]

A few updates, and a script!

Firstly, just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on.  Our main effort right now has been on porting the game to OSX, which is a big project.  We’re anxiously awaiting version 2.5, which has all kinds of crazy features to it.  It should be out in the next few days! Also, the […]

Happy Holidays, 100 Rogues Fans!

Happy Holidays, 100 Rogues Fans! Enjoy your new Scoundrel and your randomly dropped “Present” items! (Click for full-size)

Scoundrel Pixel Art Revealed!

Being an undead female, there wasn’t much for her in Mine Town. She quickly grew numb to the effects of nights spent knifing cattle, murdering coyotes and stabbing chickens. She longed for the piercing of thicker skin… oh, to find a creature worthy of the thrust of her blade… to close her eye-sockets and exhale […]

$1.99 Holiday Sale & Version 2.1!

Hey everyone – just wanted to make a couple quick, huge announcements. Firstly, 100 Rogues is ON SALE for the entire month of December, for $1.99! Pretty awesome! Secondly, Version 2.1 is out on the App Store now!  It involves tons of improvements – you can listen to your own music now, as well as […]

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 3) – Complete!

There it is – the beautiful Skellyman Scoundrel skill tree.  We’ve worked on this for many, many months, and we’re so happy to finally share it.  Today, we reveal the last two of the Skellyman’s abilities. Leap Attack was one of the first abilities thought up for the Scoundrel – in fact, it was one […]

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 2)

Last night I discussed in detail two of the Skellyman Scoundrel‘s great abilities, and the synergy between them.  Tonight, I have not just two, but FOUR more to share with you. Pickpocket is a close-range active ability that allows the Skellyman to deftly search an enemy’s pockets for goodies.  Different monsters carry different stuff, and […]

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 1)

The Skellyman Scoundrel’s got many tricks up her sleeve.  Each of them is powerful on its own, but when combined in just the right way, it’s lethal.  Lethal enough to Go Kill Satan with, even. One ability is called Smoke-bomb.  This active skill allows the Scoundrel to lay down a 4×4 diamond of “smoke” tiles.  […]