Happy Birthday to 100 Rogues!!

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Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the release of 100 Rogues. Yippee!!

Our little game has come a long way in the course of the last two years. Thanks to all 350,000 of you who have grown to love this game and waited patiently for the final player class! The game is basically complete now, with four full class characters and a number of “monster” class characters.Happy Birthday to 100 Rogues

The Newest 100 Rogues Update…

Wes submitted version 3.1 to Apple this Monday. It should be approved and available soon.

New FREE Monster Player Class: The Dungeoneer!

Armed with a series of traps, gadgets and firearms, he sees to it that Satan finally makes good on his debts.

Translating the Game from English

Called “localization”, Wes sent our first language translation, German, to Apple earlier this week as part of our update. If you would like to help us out with another language, send us a message through our contact form. We’ll be eternally grateful for your help, and your name will appear in the game credits windows in 100 Rogues and 100 Trials.

By the way, we owe a huge debt to Michael Vondung, who acted as our German language translator and helped guide us through many obstacles along the way. He and Wes went over and above the call of duty, and all future translator efforts will be much easier for their efforts.

New in-App Purchase Option

The De-Fater Potion! Fate got you down? Drink this, and watch the impossible odds suddenly tip in your favor. It is only useable once every 50 turns.

The Cheapest Way to Get the Whole 100 Rogues Game

The OSX (Mac) version of 100 Rogues has no in-app purchases. You get every player class and every playing mode forever for your Mac!

The New Game – 100 Trials

100 Trials is an off-shoot from the 100 Rogues challenge mode. It is NOT a “sequel” to 100 Rogues, but a fresh new game of its own. It is a series of 100 Trials (or challenges), spread over four playable characters. It was released in February of this year, and has been well received by reviewers.

Interestingly, the Mac X version of 100 Trials has sold very strongly among strategy and puzzle gamers in the Mac App store. It has been a top 200 seller perennially since its release. Give it a try!

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