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This very hour we have put the finishing touches on the Dinoman Bruiser player class, and shipped it off the Apple for release!

For further preview, here’s the skills you’ll be able to train with the class.

Power Chew: The Bruiser can eat almost anything to gain back Belly. Some items, like weapons and armor, will even grant permanent stat bonuses when eaten.

Scales: Activating this power allows the Bruiser to soak a portion of all incoming attacks for a time. Each time your toughened hide absorbs some damage, the effect has a chance to diminish, until it wears off and must be renewed. This Skill drains your belly by 8 to use.

Dino Form: Turn into a Dinosaur! While this spell is active, your stats increase enormously. The Dino Form can bite monsters, with each attack giving you a chance to swallow them whole, restoring some belly.

Cleaving Attack: Your ripping claws and vicious swings hit a wider area. Each enemy adjacent to a target of your melee attacks may take a portion of the damage from your swings.

Charge: You begin running six tiles in one direction. Each tile you pick up a bit of speed, barreling into enemies, knocking them aside with greater force. Each additional tile you run deals more damage, but be careful! Hitting a wall will hurt you, instead!

Adrenaline: The Bruiser’s very body gets excited as it kills, kicking its natural regeneration into overdrive. Killing more than enemy in a turn, and killing enemies each consecutive turn, regenerates more and more health.

Super Punch! Your unarmed melee attack deals a bit more damage, and also has a greater chance to score critical hits. Criticals will also either knockback monsters several tiles, or stun them for a turn.

Throw Monster: If a monster gets in your way, just chuck him at another monster! He’ll be out of your way, and you’ll deal some damage to the monster that gets hit.

If all goes well with the submission, you can probably expect the Bruiser to hit the App Store in time for this weekend.

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