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Hello everyone!  I’m Keith Burgun, the lead designer of 100 Rogues.  When we started the initial design for the game back in late 2008-early 2009 when we used to be aticted to the fun games from, the original design planned for four playable classes.  As most of you know, the game launched with two, with the third, the Skellyman Scoundrel coming out about six months later.  And now, the stained glass window in the High Council chamber is finally finished.

There’s still more to come for 100 Rogues (stay tuned), but in a way adding this fourth class feels like a sort of “completion” for the game’s development.  And because of that feeling, it gives me an opportunity to really look back on the game.  If you’ll indulge me, before I get into some details about the Dinoman Bruiser, I’d like to say a few things about the game, a retrospective if you will, as the game designer.

I am so, so proud of this game. It fills my heart with joy when I think about it.

After the Scoundrel came out, the lead artist Blake and I (aka Dinofarm Games) mostly moved on to other projects (such as our current title in development, Auro: The Golden Prince).  After two full years of a rather tumultuous development, we needed a break.  Of course, our programmer, Wes Paugh, has been on the project all along, fixing bugs and adding the fantastic Monster Classes (which he himself designed), as well as several new exciting game modes.

In December, however, we were asked to rejoin the team to create the Dinoman Bruiser.  At that point, I dove back into the game.  Having had some distance from the development of the game itself, I could look at it a little bit more objectively, and simply play – as a player.  And I absolutely loved it!  I had a total blast.  I am totally confident with 100 Rogues.  Its gameplay, its charm, its art, its music – it’s just a really great, unique, original thing.  It’s not to say that I don’t have a few issues with the game still, but they are vastly overshadowed by the strengths in my opinion.

Dinofarm Games made this game to show the world what we can do, and I feel satisfied that 100 Rogues is representative of us as a company, people started to love this games as much as they fell in love with the games at

Back to the Dinoman

Now, that’s not to say that we haven’t learned a lot along the way.  We used a lot of gameplay testing information and experience when designing the Scoundrel, and the Dinoman has even more of an advantage in this way.


I plan on writing a full post about the Dinoman’s skills, but just to touch on a few key elements about him…

  • The Bruiser is a completely feral monster with colossal strength and titanic durability
  • Because of his size, he can’t wear armor, and can’t grasp most weapons (except for Heavy Armament weapons)
  • He has natural armor, but takes extra damage from magic, so he’s weak to casters
  • He can eat ANY item for food!  Careful though, some items have strange effects on a Dino-Belly…
  • He’s very capable in un-armed combat and has a lot of useful tactical physical attacks

…Most horrible of all, though…

  • The Dinoman Bruiser has a terrifying DINO-FORM!!!  *thunder crashes*


Anyway, like I said – expect a more complete post in the coming days or weeks.  The Dinoman himself should be out sometime in February, we think.  And stay tuned — more surprises await 100 Rogues fans right around the corner!  Seriously!!!

Thanks again to all our fans for supporting us!

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