The spiritual journey of the undead

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“Oh, you want dat?!? Great-grandfada find dat in a hole. Big wan. Pet squirrel almost chew through it once. For you? 600 Gold!”

After days of running with little to drink and less food, his remaining hope fell to pieces. It was so close! That small, frayed book… But, he could not let himself succumb to crestfallen weakness and, instead, he stirred to outrage. “600 gold?!?”.

“You deaf AND dumb enough to get ripped off like this? Ya, 600 gold!”

“Listen, that’s everything I have. My family needs to eat! Can I at least-” he kicked the paunch of flesh behind him before continuing. His foot sunk into it a bit at first, but the force finally transferred, sending it back.

He continued.

“Can I at least sell you something? I’ve got this wood sword.” He checked the poultice pouch at his waist. “Or- Or maybe a Gypsy potion? That’s gotta do something useful!”

Quabbus the Merchant clearly wasn’t going to budge. He never budged. But a situation this desperate was no time for haggling.

Quick as he could manage, he chucked the poultice, his satchel and the wooden sword at the shopkeeper, then reached across the counter and snatched up the book. He opened it as he spun, uninterested in the coins that were now spilling onto the shop’s dirt floor.

He prayed, and he read.

“Flesh dead, souls lost. But!
Satan won’t stop fervent groans,
From proud Zombie hearts”

“Weary travelers.
Sleep empowers, yet we wake
Just a bit deader.”

Torpor – By entering a state of rest, Zombies can awaken stronger and more deadly than ever. They decay a bit further during the process, though, costing them health.

“Bountiful journeys
Always gains, never losses!
… although guts fall out.”

Throw Guts – A classic zombie move. Zombie’s poisonous organs make for a grand projectile.

“In, as out, decay.
Release our food’s power. And,
as our life, their death.”

Gastric Acid: The Zombie’s digestive system becomes more corrosive, allowing food to be digested more efficiently. As a side effect, the Throw Guts ability applies acid to targets.

“The rats will all come,
to sample your sacred corpse
Delicious? Deadly.”

Feed Them: Animals are very tempted by the smell of your Zombie’s flesh. By heaving a chunk of it, you can attract beasts to attack a less vital part of you.

“Repent! Cleanse and purge!
Release your potent bile! Then,
their sinned flesh will thin”

Wretch: Your acidic bile can be used to create a pool of acid, which severely lowers enemy armor.

“Infection is life.
Souls imbued with such disease
are divine! (til death)”

Diseased Claw: Blood, pus, stagnant sweat. The zombie physiology is not all that different from a man’s, only rotten, infectious and generally much, much more horrifying.

“We’re in danger! Oh,
Great Spirits of Being Dead
Make them like us. … Quick!”

Infect: One thing zombies have always excelled at is making more zombies. By willing your germ to spread, you can cause any enemy to become a zombie, as well, that will fight alongside you.

“We are holy, pure.
To kill the dead: heresy.
As they will soon learn…”

Explosive Organs: One thing Zombies do not like is being killed again. They dislike it so much, actually that they are capable of exploding violently, instead, killing everything around them.

“What?” He looked back at the undead monster lurching towards him again. “No no no, there’s got to be more!” He was still flipping, frantic, through the pages in search of something that might save him. He read the last passage of the book when everything finally sunk in: who it was that told him to find the book, this wicked cult’s crude purpose and, most significantly, his assailant’s bite.

“Our destined path, known.
Through the Dungeons lie rewards:
Forever. Rest.
~Excerpt from the Creed ‘o Zombie

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