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Just so you guys know, just because we’re adding all this new great content recently, that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about the core game.  Personally, the feature that I hold most dear to my heart is the core game on the Rogue Mode difficulty setting.  I feel that Rogue Mode is the game 100 Rogues was always meant to be.  Nothing against the other modes, mind you – they’re great for beginners and they allow players a bit more breathing room to experiment with different builds.  However, for me, a game can be judged on the following ratio:  Number of Interesting Decisions The Player Is Forced to Make / Time Spent Playing the Game. And in this way, I think Rogue Mode is the best.

Now, Rogue Mode is, however, relatively new, and so it’s far from perfect.  Which is why I put this post on the forums tonight, asking you, our beloved fans, to chime in on how we can make Rogue Mode better. I’d like Rogue Mode to be extremely hard, but still fair.   We need your help!  Log into the forums and let us know:

Tell us your experiences with Rogue Mode, and we’ll take everything you have to say into consideration for an upcoming update.

Go Kill Satan,

-Keith Burgun, Lead Designer @ Dinofarm Games

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