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Firstly, just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on.  Our main effort right now has been on porting the game to OSX, which is a big project.  We’re anxiously awaiting version 2.5, which has all kinds of crazy features to it.  It should be out in the next few days!

Where Monsters DwellAlso, the TEAM was interviewed by WHERE MONSTERS DWELL!  Listen HERE.

I’ve been working on an article for Gamasutra about our game, which just went live yesterday!  Hooray!

Finally, for something fun, below is a script that I wrote for a short film about 100 Rogues.

The writing is completed but I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually animate and voice the whole thing.  The idea was for the main character, “The Adventurer”, to be doing the voices of the Crusader and the Wizard as he treks through the Bandit Hole. 

I hope you all enjoy it – if anyone wants to make a movie using this script, we’d absolutely love to see it!

Interior shot of the  Rusty Scubbard Tavern

Bartender:  Evenin’ kid!  The usual I take it?

Adventurer:  Ah…  It’s been a hard day, Groggald… (takes off helmet)

A: I went down into the old Mine today.

B: YOU went into the Bandit Hole?  What for?!

A: You won’t believe it, but the highest councilman… he gave me a quest, he did!

B: Heyyy that’s great!  What was it?

A: He actually charged ME, of all people, to go Kill Satan!

B: Ahhh that’s – wait..

B: He asked *you*… to kill Satan?  *The* Satan?

A: He sure did!  Oh boy was I excited… anyway I’m sure you can guess that I didn’t get to actually get to do it, since I don’t got a big old satan head with me…

B: Oh… right, yeah.  That’s how I guessed.

Cut to Mine, with VO…

A: Ya well, this mornin’ off I go, into the mine, and I don’t get two steps in when some guy knocks me down the entire flight of steps!  I go, “Hey, watch where yer goin, buddy!”  The fella turns around and yelled something about glory, and started waving his sword around like a maniac, and then ran off.  All I could think was wow, what a  ridiculous-looking helmet.

I brushed myself off, and started moving.  Oh boy, what they said about the old Mine sure was true, that place is CRAWLIN’ with baddies!  I was holding my own against them just fine though, until I killed this one bandit, and suddenly some Fairy teleports in right behind him!

She goes, “Oh, I see.  Stealing my kills.  Who the hell are you to come down here and call me a bad Wizard?”  I told her that I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about.

She says,  “Yeah – look – I know what your quest is.  You’re on a quest to make me feel pathetic.  You just hate me that much.”  I apologized and again tried to explain that it was some kind of misunderstanding.

Then she consulted this magic crystal ball about it.  She goes, “Oh really?  Let’s ask Ball.”  and summons it.  “Ball!  Is this guy a judgmental idiot?”  she shouted, and the ball just sat there idly.  Then she says “Ha!  He just told me, telepathically, that you are a bigot!” and she left.

Adventurer: It was awful, Groggald.  Anyway, I was on a mission, so I kept moving.  I got at least a couple floors down, when I bumped into that crazy bucket helmet guy again…

I was singin’ my little adventure song and moving along, when I heard a lot of commotion from the next room.  Then I heard someone yell “GLORY!” and a monster corpse came flying at me, pinning me to the ground!

It was that Bucket head guy!  I asked him for help, and he said: “SAVING *YOU* IS NOT PART OF GOD’S PLAN!!!”

Just then a group of scary looking red Rats appeared!  I yelled “Ahh Help!  Rats!”

The bucket head guy said “Those are no ordinary rats!  Those rats are BRIMMING WITH EVIL!!!” and he dove into the battle!   It wasn’t going well for him, though.  He shouted “The Crusader can’t hold them off!  GOD, I PRAY THEE, CRUSH THESE ABOMINATIONS”

I expected something to happen when he said that, but nothing did.  Then he yelled, “”I KNOW YOU’RE WATCHING THIS, GOD!!!”

Still, nothing happened.

He got angry and yelled “DAMMIT, GOD!!” and casted Holy Flames, burning up those three rats, AND ME in the process!!
Cut back to the Rusty Scubbard

Adventurer: I’ve seen a lot in my 12 years, Groggald… and there’s one thing I gotta tell you.  Each Holy Flame fireball deals more damage, the more targets the spell hits.

Groggald: I can see that!  So I take it you got out of there while the gettin’ was good?

Adventurer: Yeah…  There was a shopkeeper down there, who gave me some potions and showed me how to get back home.  He’s really cool.

Groggald: Well, I’m glad you’re back safe.  Most who go down there never return, you know.

Adventurer: Really?  Wow…  I wonder what’ll become of the Fairy Wizard and the Human Crusader!

Groggald: *Stares off out the window*  So do I, kid.  So do I.

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