Scoundrel Pixel Art Revealed!

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Being an undead female, there wasn’t much for her in Mine Town. She quickly grew numb to the effects of nights spent knifing cattle, murdering coyotes and stabbing chickens.

She longed for the piercing of thicker skin… oh, to find a creature worthy of the thrust of her blade… to close her eye-sockets and exhale passionately as she disembowels them. “That would be the best”, she thought to herself.

Pixel art by Blake Reynolds!

Rumors of great beasts and warriors alike swelled in the Town, and the Scoundrel was soon drawn to the Court of the High Council.

Killing Satan might be just the thing she needs to take her mind off of violence for awhile.

A demonic obsession with revenge now leads her to adventure in the Bandit Hole.


The Skellyman’s abilities are focused around evasion, trickery, and dealing high damage to a single target. Backstabs are a resource for the Skellyman, not only because they can heal her with Blood Bask, but also they multiply her damage with Skelly Vengenace. She’s also got two passive abilities – one which allows her to eat rotten food, and one which makes her immune to poison.

EVADE UP: Increases the Skellyman’s chance to Evade incoming attacks.
BLOOD BASK: The Skellyman relishes gore so strongly that she regians HP whenever she sheds the blood of a monster.
CRITICAL UP: Increases the Skellyman’s chance to deal critical attacks and backstabs.
SKELLY VENGEANCE: Backstabs are tallied in a special counter. When the skill is activated, you make a melee attack which deals more damage the more back stabs in the counter.
MARKSMAN: While using a ranged weapon, the Skellyman can pierce through targets, pin targets to walls, and get a bonus accuracy.
PICK-POCKET: Attempts to steal an item from an enemy.
SMOKE BOMB: Throw a smoke bomb, making it impossible for anyone to attack or be attacked while in the affected area.
LEAP ATTACK: Jump over an enemy’s head and make an attack, without passing a turn. Higher levels allow more leap attacks per turn.

The Scoundrel

The Skellyman Scoundrel

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