Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 2)

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Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree

Last night I discussed in detail two of the Skellyman Scoundrel‘s great abilities, and the synergy between them.  Tonight, I have not just two, but FOUR more to share with you.

Pickpocket is a close-range active ability that allows the Skellyman to deftly search an enemy’s pockets for goodies.  Different monsters carry different stuff, and some of the most dangerous monsters carry some of the most excellent treasure.  Picking pockets is tough, though, especially in a battle situation, so it’s not guaranteed to work.

Enter Evade Up!  This skill’s usefulness in all parts of the game is obvious, but its usefulness is particularly useful when you’re incurring needless attacks from trying to pickpocket everyone!  Having higher evasion, especially when coupled with the Skellyman’s starting armor, can mean the ability to survive with lower Health than normal.

Speaking of Health, the Scoundrel is 100 Rogues first class that does not have a healing spell of some sort.  Instead, she’s got a passive ability called Blood Bask.  You may not know this about the Scoundrel, but she’s a bit of a psychotic mass-murderer.  With this ability, seeing blood fly from the body of a monster actually heals the player!  Critical hits make a big splash of blood which heals for even more!

The fourth skill we’ll discuss today is Crit Up.  It’s similar to Evade Up in that it’s a passive ability that simply boosts the Skellyman’s chance to deal a critical hit.  Daggers already have a naturally high chance to crit compared with other weapons, so with this ability the Skellyman should be dishing out huge damage.

Stay tuned for Day 3 where the last two Skellyman Scoundrel skills shall be revealed!


  1. Hogulus

    Nov 25th, 2010

    Ooh, I’m going to love Blood Bask. Weapons of vampire, when I can find them, are usually my favorites, and having a passive version of that weapon brand will be awesome. Crit Up being one of its prerequisites sounds interesting, although Pickpocket a prerequisite to Marksman doesn’t seem to lend itself to a unified strategy the way many of the other trees do (though I might be missing something).

    Looking forward to the next post!

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