Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 1)

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Skellyman Scoundrel

Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree

The Skellyman Scoundrel’s got many tricks up her sleeve.  Each of them is powerful on its own, but when combined in just the right way, it’s lethal.  Lethal enough to Go Kill Satan with, even.

One ability is called Smoke-bomb.  This active skill allows the Scoundrel to lay down a 4×4 diamond of “smoke” tiles.  Anyone caught inside the smoke – player included – takes a massive hit to their accuracy, and a massive boost to their evasion.  So, it’s harder to hit, and it’s harder to be hit, while inside the smoke.  Furthermore, monsters have a chance to become confused on each turn they spend inhaling the gases.  There are many uses for this ability – for one, it can allow you to make a clean escape from a bad situation.  Just throw it down at your feet, dodge your way past the enemies and run down the nearest hallway to safety.  Another is in conjunction with the following Skellyman ability…

Marksman. Putting a point into Marksman turns your Skellyman into a ranged weapons expert, unlocking several new passive abilities.  For one thing, your arrows will now pierce the flesh of enemies and hit enemies behind them, multiplying your damage per shot when you line enemies up.  Secondly, if you see a monster who’s near a wall, shoot him, and you’ll pin him to the wall, immobilizing him.  But there’s one more benefit to Marksman, and that’s a 50-percentage-point bonus to accuracy with bows and arrows.  You might be wondering, “50 points?  Isn’t that a bit over-kill?  Bows are already mostly accurate to begin with.”  This is how the ability is synergistic with Smoke-bomb – it allows you to fire with decent accuracy into a smokey area.  So if you’ve got Marksman and Smoke-bomb, toss a canister into a room and then just start picking off all the poor, bewildered monsters.  Oh and one last thing – Marksman works with some throwing weapons too, like throwing knives for example.

We are so excited about the Scoundrel – she’s turning out to be so much fun to play already!  Possibly because we’ve had so much time to cook her up conceptually, it’s been a very smooth process and it seems that we’re gonna get it mostly right on the first try.

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