100 Rogues – Version 2.0 Formal Announcement!

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Version 2.0 of 100 Rogues is coming sometime next week (as soon as Apple approves it).  The most significant addition to the game is the third world, “Hell”, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s the full list of improvements, as listed by Mr. Wes Paugh, our lead software engineer:

* Hell! Another world, with new levels, music, monsters and maps to explore, has been added to the end of the game, appropriately situated between the Dungeon and Satan.
* New Boss: A new, Dungeon-themed boss has been placed between the Dungeon and the new Hell world
* Crystal Caltrops: The Fairy Wizard’s basic projectile skill now leaves behind Crystal Caltrops upon impact, each lasting 10 turns dealing damage and slowing monsters that walk on them. Each skill point in Amafyst creates a higher number of damaging crystals.
* New Dungeon monsters – The Necromancer summons skeletons, the Zombie throws poisoned meat chunks and the Jaundice Baby EXPLODES!
* Easy Mode now spans all three game worlds

* New effects by Sir Blake Reynolds!
* Game Center can now be disabled via 100 Rogues user preferences in the Settings App
* Tutorial messages added (Tutorials can be disabled via in the game Menu)

New Balance Features:

* Total rebalancing of the game – You now should be getting about one character level per dungeon level, keeping it nice and clean that way.  Everything from item drops, shop costs, experience yields has been tweaked.
* Map Generation: Each map is now comprised of a mix of handcrafted and randomly generated rooms
* Mob Clustering: Monsters now spawn more tightly in groups, and only spawn in mobs within rooms, increasing the chances of mob vs. player interactions
*Respawning: Only monsters designated by the designer as being appropriate for one-on-one encounters can spawn in hallways or respawn over time.

UI Changes:
* End of game Score Tally Screen cleaned up
* Challenge Mode menu revamped with more information about challenges

Bug Fixes:
* Stability improvements throughout the game
* Monsters from previous levels are no longer reloaded into the game (often appearing stuck in walls)

* Starting stats / inventory adjusted for both classes
* Whack of Glory now has a chance to miss
* Ghost-type monsters now have fast health regen, low armor, and NEGATIVE magic resistance (meaning they take 3x damage from spells)
* Many new tips for loading screen
So there you have it!  100 Rogues Version 2.0 is in many ways, the game we always wanted 100 Rogues to be!  We’re proud to share it with you and we anxiously await your responses on our forum!

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