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First order of business:  we’re releasing a quick hotfix (version 1.09) to remove the ads from 100 Rogues tonight.  This change will be permanent.

Now, we also have tons and tons of great surprises for version 2.0, which we aim to release on the 20th.  One of these surprises is a massive improvement to the fun of playing the Fairy Wizard.  I’ve always thought that the Wizard was just ever so slightly less fun to play than the Crusader, and I think I’ve identified why.  A major culprit was the one-dimensionality of Amefyst.  It just dealt damage – there wasn’t much to it, and it’s so important that the early-game spells have richness to them, because they’re the ones you use the most.

Our solution (conceived by our brilliant Master Coder Wesley Paugh) is to have Amefyst, on impact, leave Crystal Caltrops around the target.  When monsters step on these, they are immobilized for a turn, and take damage.  The ability will be balanced around attempting to cause as many monsters as possible to walk over your caltrops before they expire, to get the most out of the skill.  You, as the Wizard, can walk over these freely (since you’re flying, and a master of all things Crystal).  I really think this will make the Wizard a much more interesting class to play as.

This is just one of tons of new updates for Version 2.0, which includes an entire new world of free DLC, new mob-spawning behavior and a really slick new re-balancing of the game from the ground up.  I’ll have another post about more features, soon.

-Keith Burgun, Lead Designer @ Dinofarm Games


  1. Mr.Peanut

    Oct 8th, 2010

    Who are these whiners who complain about having to click a button on a single ad, especially when you could press a button and never see the ad again?

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