Contest Winner, 1.06, and HELL

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  • The Jani-Taur (Jay Geldhof) (49%, 68 Votes)
  • The First Rogue (Fraggle Rogue) (36%, 50 Votes)
  • The Fisher King (Fraggle Rogue) (14%, 19 Votes)

Looks like we have a winner! Jay Geldhof’s “The Jani-Taur” will be added to our game as soon as we can get to it and figure out where he belongs!  Fraggle Rogue (The French Rogue) also got a substantial amount of votes, with 36%!  Nice work, all who submitted!  We sort of want to make a game out of nothing but the submissions from this contest.

So we’ve been churning along as usual, but 1.06 is a particularly special update.  Besides the stuff you’re used to – new content such as monsters and items, we’ve actually added in a major game feature like the ones people can find at Klikk her – The Item Shop offer gambling online games like this  The Item Shop in 100 Rogues is run by a strange fellow named Quabbus.  He’s only found here and there, but he has an assortment of interesting items.  There are some items you can only get from Quabbus!  It’s sure to be a game-changer, and one thing I know everyone will appreciate is that while his assortment of items is random, he always has one food-type item in his inventory.  This will make it so that you have a bit more wiggle room for food.

For the past month or so, our lead artist Blake Reynolds has been tied to his computer, hand-crafting the next generation of monsters, pixel by pixel.  We’re planning on slowly unveiling some of these monsters, and today I’d like to share one with you.  This Satan’s a pretty important guy;  at least, he gets that impression, what with all you hundreds of rogues coming to kill him every day.  For this reason, he has hired his own personal protection.  I give you…  Satan’s Bodyguard!

satan's-bodyguard Attack!

As you can see, he carries a slick semi-automatic pistol.  Scary thing is, he sometimes fires twice, and sometimes three times, so you won’t always know what kind of damage you’ll be hit with next.


If Satan’s Bodyguard assess the situation as a bit too dangerous, he could call for backup.  This can get ugly as each bodyguard can summon one other bodyguard onto the scene.  If you’re not quick about dispatching them, you could find yourself the focus of a firing squad.  Bad news.

Hell is in the works right now, and version 1.06 should be in your hands in a matter of days.  We’ll keep you posted on other developments.  Meanwhile, come let us know what you think of Satan’s Bodyguard on our forums!

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