Skellyman Scoundrel Skill Tree (Day 3) – Complete!

There it is – the beautiful Skellyman Scoundrel skill tree. Today, we reveal the last two of the Skellyman’s abilities.

Leap Attack was one of the first abilities thought up for the Scoundrel – in fact, it was one of the first abilities thought up for the game at all. Leap Attack allows the player to jump over an adjacent enemy’s head, and land safely on the other side. While in mid-air, however, you deal a normal attack! So it’s moving you out of a potentially harmful situation AND allowing you attack, both in one turn! But wait – there’s more? It doesn’t even cost a turn! Like the Wizard’s Teleport spell, this spell can be cast without any time passing by. That means that if you’ve got the mana, you could cast this spell 2 or 3 times, bouncing around the dungeon, before any monsters even realize what’s goin’ on! That’s cool! And also – I’m sure have have observed that adjacent enemies are almost ALWAYS facing you. Well, cast Leap attack on them, hit them once, and then you’re in a prime position for a BACKSTAB! Oh, man!

Did you know that the Skellyman Scoundrel was originally a normal, healthy, living and breathing member of the Skellyman race, until she was brutally murdered in her sleep by her lover? It’s true. Now, she travels the dungeons as an undead Skellyman pining for revenge. With the skill Skelly Vengeance, the Scoundrel can deal massive damage to a single enemy. Once you have the skill, any backstabs are tallied up in a special new backstab-counter. When you cast the spell, the Skellyman pulls her lover’s dagger out from her skull, where he wickedly drove it so many years ago, and strikes it deep into the heart of whatever poor beast stands in her way. The more backstabs in the counter, the higher the damage. At high levels, Skelly Vengeance will deal the biggest damage numbers ever seen in 100 Rogues. Satan, beware.

So that’s the Skellyman Scoundrel’s skills. Please let us know what you think on the forums. And stay tuned for more news soon!