The Bandit Hole is a filthy dark cave that used to be a gold mine. Its inhabitants are largely criminals and critters.

Rat – The Rat is only seen on the first Bandit Hole level. Rats do minimal damage with their bites, but are commonly found in large groups. They are the cutest monster in the world.

Bandit – What would a Bandit Hole be without Bandits? His dagger attacks cause relatively light damage.

Blue Rat (aka The Rat of Conceit) – These conceited beasts are much more powerful than their brown counterparts. They have been known to POISON hapless rogues who cross them.

Beetle – These Coleoptera (from Greek – “sheathed wing”) insects will cast ACID upon ye, reducing your armor and getting you all gross. They also have a tough hide, however, once cracked, will uncover a delicious green goo.

Gypsy – You will hate Gypsies after playing 100 Rogues. Gypsies shoot FIREBALLs from a distance, which is a real pain. She can also TELE-SWAP, which allows her to switch places with you instantly, often putting you into a horrible situation.

Black Bandit – These bandits used to be regular bandits, but they now appear black from years and years of collected filth. Black Bandit is a stronger version of your average variety store Bandit. His dagger is a bit stabbier than you might expect. Very uncivilized.

Bat – A Bat is a flying monster that bites. You’ll find that you can more easily kill a Bat with a Bow or a Wand than with melee (close attack) weapon.

Assassin – Sneaky little ninjas. When they see you, they’ll TELEPORT next to you and try to surround you. Their weapon is a Sword and they won’t hesitate to BACKSTAB you with it. They have no decency at all.

Sniper – Snipers carry a Bow and they know how to use it. They shoot you and shoot you and shoot you, and can inflict high damage. Corner ’em, call them nerds, and beat them DOWN!

Evil Rat – Man, are these rats Evil. I bet they are super strong from all kinds of genetic testing, ancient curses, and cybernetic implants. I would run for the hills if I saw one of these. Luckily, rats THIS evil are rare.

Robot – Oh No! He has a rocket launcher which goes KA-BOOM and explodes. If a Robot ever shot a rocket at me, I would run away, in the hope that I did not get caught in the explosion. That’s just me, though. Robots also have a Melee attack ability, and will smack you upside the face with the stock of his weapon. Robots are Magic-Immune, so beware, Wizards!

Golden Beetle – Golden Beetles are summoned by the Genie and have relatively low health. They spit ACID, just like all stupid beetles. I know you are thinking, “I will just step on this Beetle, as I have stepped on so many beetles before”. But I am here to tell you, this beetle is too large to be stepped on, and also, he is made of SOLID GOLD.

Genie – The Genie is the BOSS of the Bandit Hole. He is horrible, and terrible. He creates Golden Beetles, shoots fireballs, and can zip in and out of his protective LAMP (which heals this horrible, terrible Genie every turn that he’s inside it!). The LAMP has tons of ARMOR, but remember kids, MAGIC damage bypasses armor! So if you’ve got some high-damage spells, you could break the lamp. That’s why 100 Rogues is fun, because we reward you for breaking lamps.

These characters are marked by high-armor opponents like Ghosts and Knights, as well as horrifying undead monsters.

Skeleton – What can be said about the wild Skeleton that hasn’t already been said in so many works of interactive video games? Be prepared to get K.O.’ed by a SKELLY FIST. They may ressurect on you, unless you kill them by some GODLY means.

Ghost Beetle – These advanced insect ghosts will cast an ACID spell upon your armor, and are unaffected by worldly weapons like swords and daggers.

Skeleton Archer – Skeleton Archers are similar to the Snipers in the Bandit Hole. They carry a Bow and PUNCTURE your FACE with arrows. They inflict high damage, and would be easy to kill, were it not for their ability to RESURRECT UPON DEATH!!!Skybaby – The dreaded Skybaby is a flying monster that can POISON you. Similar to all of our Bat species, you’ll find that you can more easily kill a Skybaby with a Bow or a Wand than with a melee weapon.

Zombie – The Dungeon’s Zombies will claw if you get too close, but watch them from a distance as well; zombies are known to pluck and chuck their own rotting, poisoned organs at you. Eww.

Unseeable – Yep, the dungeon has the occasional invisible monster. Drat! Unseeables are annoying in that you can’t see them or smell them. They are indeed pretty sneaky. They punch.

Necromancer – Necromancer has no attacks of his own. Instead, he can exhume the bodies of deceased monsters to fight for him.

Ghost – My grandpa told me about these long ago, but I did not believe him! Ghosts have tons of armor and so they can only be hurt by magical attacks. Ghost attack ability is called SOFTEN BOLT. This fireball-type skill reduces your armor for a number of turns. Ghosts, like Gypsies, can TELE-SWAP places with you. I’ll never doubt you again, Gramps!

Knight – The Knight wears tough ARMOR and can inflict high DAMAGE upon you, if he can reach you. He moves fairly slowly, but if he does hit you, he could stun you for a turn! He is indeed very deadly!

Vampire Bat – The Vampire Bat is another flying monster that BITEs. Similar to regular Bats, you’ll find that ranged attack weapons can more easily kill them than will melee weapons. Damage points a Vampire Bat inflicts on you are added to the Bat’s health. When that happens, you get sad inside.

The minions of HELL are shrouded in mystery, but legend says that they are very complex, horribly dangerous, and a little bit weird. Here’s just a few known Hell monsters, but there are many, many more!

Succubus – Her extremely alluring and demonic wiles will literally and permanently weaken you. Our best advice is to not get too close!

Candy Clown – What’s hell without clowns? Although this circus-bound monster has no direct damage dealing attacks, this masked marauder can spawn different colored Gummi Rats. The three flavors of Gummi Rats are described below. They all deal damage to you one way or another.

Green Gummi Rat – Green Gummi Rats are made of POISON. Definitely not for human consumption. For that matter, the Wizard doesn’t find poison very palatable, either.

Blue Gummi Rat – Blue Gummi Rats will eagerly bite you. Each bite from one of these blue guys reduces your energy a little bit.

Red Gummi Rat – These rats make up for their low damage with an abundance of health. Just what you wanted to hear!

Satan’s Bodyguard – Satan has hired a limitless supply of deadly accurate and viciously trained agents to protect him in the game’s penultimate stage. The Bodyguards fire semi-automatic pistols in bursts of 2-3 shots. They can also radio for backup, at no extra charge to Satan.

And many, many more. There are reports of a hulking demon, a gigantic floating head, and a great silver dragon in 100 Rogues. Come down to our forums and discuss your experiences!