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What is 100 Rogues?

100 Rogues is a turn-based, dungeon-crawling RPG for iOS & MacOS (coming soon for OUYA). With memorable characters, exciting gameplay full of surprises, charming pixel art and an original retro soundtrack, you won’t find another game that feels or plays anything like 100 Rogues.


There are many things which you need to stay on top of to maximize your chance of success in 100 Rogues.  To thrive, you need to wear the right equipment, learn the right skills, and know your character’s strengths and weaknesses. All of this is done through the Gameplay Menu and its four tabs:




Coding the Adventure

Developer Insights

We have highly qualified developers who work on every coding element so you have a great gaming experience.

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Key Features

Four Unique Player Classes

 Each class gives the player an entirely new way to play, as well as a unique personality.  Go Kill Satan as the childishly heroic Human Crusader, or crush the opposition with giant magic crystals with the sarcastic Fairy Wizard.  

A host of “Monster Classes

Each Monster Class has a fresh new skill set, wields a signature weapon and, like the Player Classes, have their own unique playstyle.
Tons of Cool Items – Discover swords, axes, armor, daggers, throwing knives, rocks, food, potions, scrolls and many more crazy items. 

Procedurally Generated Maps

Each time you play 100 Rogues, the game’s maps, loot and monster placement is randomly placed. This means that the challenge is different and interesting each time you play. 100 Rogues isn’t about completing the game, but rather about getting a high score, so you’ll be playing the game for years to come.

Over 60 Fun, Challenging Monsters

You can shoot Skybabies and wreak havoc with Robots. Cream those Candy Clowns and gun down some Gummi Rats. Don’t forget to zing some Zombies and blast some blue Knights along the way!

Tons of Cool Items

Discover swords, axes, armor, daggers, throwing knives, rocks, food, potions, scrolls and many more crazy items. There’s even bowling balls in this game, that work as you would expect!

Arcade-Style Music

An original, memorable musical score and vivid pixel art makes 100 Rogues a visual and aural pleasure. Much, Much More – We care a lot about our game, and we’re constantly adding to it and improving it. 

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Player Testimonials

“100 Rogues have truly enhanced my gaming experience. Every element of their game is high-performing providing a real unique experience.”
Lisa Brown
“I am truly impressed with the kind of games they offer. They have games for everyone so one does not have to switch to a different application for their preferred game.”
Joan Maguire