Items & Loot

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ARMORS – These items go on your torso, sort of like a shirt. Some would call them “armors”. They provide ARMOR and EVADE.


Robes – They’re comfy, and they give good Magic Resistance.  Other than that, though, you might wanna switch to Leather or Chain when you can.


Leather – This is basic leather armor.  Provides the best EVADE rating, and a little ARMOR as well.


Chain – Chain is a great armor choice, providing a good amount of ARMOR, but not requiring HEAVY ARMAMENTS.


Plate – Plate is the best armor in the game, but it requires HEAVY ARMAMENTS, and also it’s rare. Sorry.

WEAPONS – These items go into your Hand.  Your Hand is located just beyond your wrist (unless something very bad happened to you). They help you deal DAMAGE.


Dagger – Daggers mean it’s stabbing season for your Rogue.  They deal lower damage overall, but can backstab, and also have a higher chance to deal Critical Attacks!  It’s best to pretend you’re a ninja or something when using the Dagger.


Sword – Swords are the standard-issue weapon.  They have no crazy strengths or weaknesses, just a solid melee weapon.  Definitely consider using the Sword!


Bow – Bows are very strong ranged weapons, but they require Arrows to fire. No fair! The Bow is two-handed.


Axe – If you like to chop off monster-heads, consider the Axe.  It deals the highest damage, but like Plate Armor, it requires HEAVY ARMAMENTS.  Also, it takes up two hands, so no shield if you use it!  Them’s the rules!


Wand – The Wand is a very interesting two-handed ranged magical weapon.  It fires little bolts of damage which never deal Critical Attacks, but also never miss.  Also, being magic, the attacks bypass ARMOR.  Definitely worth considering!

SHIELDS – You know what a shield is, don’t you?  They provide some defense, like armor, but also they provide a % chance to BLOCK.


Buckler – This is the basic shield, providing a small % chance to BLOCK incoming attacks.


Heater – Slightly better than the Buckler, and also more stylish.

Magic Shield

Magic Shield – The Magic Shield isn’t too great at what it’s supposed to do (block attacks), but it does provide some good MAGIC RESISTANCE.


Tower – The ultimate in the latest Shield technology.  You’ll need HEAVY ARMAMENTS to equip it, though.



Ring – Rings can do all sorts of cool stuff!  They’re always good, and some people might even go as far as to call them fashionable!  Health, Strength, Energy, Defensive abilities, Evasive abilities, Accuracy and Magic Resistance can all be improved by wearing various rings.  Hooray!



Net – Throw a Net at an enemy to stop him in his tracks!


Rocks – These are just rocks.  You can throw them at enemies to deal a little damage.  The enemy may consider you a jerk for doing so, though.


Arrows – I think you stick a magazine of these into your Bow as ammunition, or something.  After firing them, you can pick them back up, but sometimes they’re destroyed upon use.

Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives – The best item for throwing in the game.  Make sure to make good use of these by putting them in your Quick Slot.


Energy Potion

Energy Potion – Tastes like Blue.  Replenishes your energy, but also can be thrown to create a huge explosion!

Heal Meal

Heal Meal – A tasty Japanese treat which simultaneously restores 50 to your Belly and 100 of your Health. Excellent!

Health Potion

Health Potion – Gives you a red Kool-Aid moustache.  Drinking one of these heals you up. If you consume one when you are already at maximum Health, it will permanently increase your Health by 2.

Roasted Food

Roasted Food – Over time, you will grow hungry. By chowing down on tasty Roasted Food, you will restore 85 Points of Belly fullness. If you eat it while you are 80% or more full, it will increase your maximum Belly by 10%. Time to get a longer belt!

Rotten Food

Rotten Food – Something in your Belly is better than dying, we suppose. If you consume Rotton Food, your Belly gets full, but you permanently reduce your Max Health.  Sorry, but them’s the rules.

There are many, many more special super-secret items to find in 100 Rogues, and more are added with each new patch!