Gameplay Basics

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There are many things which you need to stay on top of to maximize your chance of success in 100 Rogues.  To thrive, you need to wear the right equipment, learn the right skills, and know your character’s strengths and weaknesses.  All of this is done through the Gameplay Menu and its four tabs:  STATS, ITEMS, EQUIP, and PREFS.



This window allows you to see all of your current core information.  This is the only tab that is non-interactable.  The tab provides the following information:
Your Rogue’s name and Class
A graphic showing your Rogue in their current armor
Game floor level
Health and Energy levels
Experience Points (xp)
Weapon and Armor statistics, such as Armor, Evade, Accuracy and Magic Resistance
Belly Fullness level


This screen allows you to view and modify your Rogue’s equipment, view available inventory items, and perform basic actions like equipping, dropping, using, quickslotting, and throwing.

Items are acquired by simply picking them off of the ground, out of treasure chests, or off of the cadavers of your smoldering victims.

Click on an item to bring up a window with information about the item as well as interaction buttons.  Some items can be EQUIPped, some can be THROWn, and some can be USEd.  But all items can be ADDed and REMOVEd.  ADDing places an item into the quickslot, so that it is easy to use during play.  REMOVE-ing does just the opposite.

You can also drag items off of the “ITEMS” screen to discard them. This becomes useful as your inventory becomes full.


This window is where you can learn a variety of Skills, assuming you have the required skill points available. Learned Skills will then be available for use from your Rogue’s Radial menu. 

Skill points are gained when your character reaches certain levels (even levels, and also at level 1). Your progress toward your next character level can be viewed by looking at the white bar above the QuickSlots menu.

See the “Using the Radial Menu Selector” section further down this page for more information on using Skills.


From the “PREFS” tab, you can:
• select volume levels for sound effects
• select volume levels for background music
• click a link to the 100 Rogues website.

More will becoming to the PREFS page soon.

More on QuickSlots


QUICKSLOTS are designed to provide handy access to alternate weapons and essential potions. You can “EQUIP” “ADD”, “REMOVE”, “THROW”, and “USE” items, depending on the options at your disposal.  They’re really great for potions or throwable items, but they also can be used to swap between two of your favorite weapons (like a Bow and a Sword, for instance) quickly.

Using the Radial Menu

Radial Selector

To bring up the Radial menu, simply tap your Rogue.
The Radial shows your available skills in little icons.
Sometimes, a skill will appear in grey instead of color.  This simply means you don’t have enough mana to cast the spell.  Either rest, or walk around a bit, and your mana should replenish.

Radial Targeting

Some skills, when clicked in the Radial Menu, will bring highlight possible targets.  This also happens when you select an item for THROWing.  It will look sorta like this.  Just click on the monster who you wish to cast the spell / throw the object at, and…

Radial Target Connecting


Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a set of short puzzle-like missions.  They usually must be completed in a small amount of turns, and usually have an objective such as Kill All Monsters, or Reach the Exit.

Challenge Mode is designed to hone your skills and teach you how to use skills wisely.  See if you can beat all of the Challenges!